Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Today is the day or was, you might say. In 1904 in Springfield, MA, today was a wonderful, auspicious day when a writer (a poet!) started his way. It started his drawing. It started his work. Started Sneetches and Grinches and Jo-Jos who shirk and even the Once-ler in Lerkim who lurks. Started stories with morals with humor and rhyme. Oh, what wonders he did in his time! And though he is gone now, it’s sad, but it’s true – We still have the stories (1, 2, red, and blue), and so, Dr. Seuss, not a what but a who, We take off our hats (the cat does so, too) and say with our hearts, heads, and memories, “Thank you.” Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


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