PC Program Subscriptions Make Me Feel Old & Aggravated (See Rant Below)

Are you old enough to remember when buying a computer program meant getting a cd? You know, the little silver disc that got inserted into your computer in the “cupholder”? The magic disc that could put a program on your computer or put it on the computer again after something malfunctioned 0r even put it on a new computer when the old one died? Yeah, that.

Don’t get me wrong. That magic disc didn’t come cheap, but once you bought the product, it was yours. (All yours! Muahahahaha!)

Now, you can’t buy a disc. You’re lucky if you can buy a download code that isn’t a monthly prescription. I feel like the old dude sitting in his yard and yelling at the teenagers, but having to rent a computer program aggravates the crap out of me. It makes me picture a world where you can’t buy books – you can only rent them on a monthly or yearly basis. Oh, the hourly rentals wouldn’t be too horrible (a new type of dirty secret?). Picture, however, having to rent the ones that you use regularly. Like, say, the dictionary. Or the thesaurus.

Then, there’s the fact that I like to own books. I don’t like to be reliant on the library or a friend to read them (or reread them). What if they’re busy, they’re closed for some reason, or their copy’s in use?

And, yes, I understand that at least part of the motivation to take away our magic discs was to try to keep people from pirating the programs. I realize that I am losing cd privileges because other people couldn’t follow the rules. That doesn’t make me feel any less like a grumpy old codger, yearning for the “old days.”

Use that as a writing prompt, why don’t you?


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