What Made Me Think Updating My Computer Was a Good Idea?

Those of you who read regularly or who read twytte, too, may have noticed that I tend to always be in a time crunch, and I have trouble getting into a regular schedule where I can easily get everything done. So why did I think that spending several hours backing up and then updating my computer was a good idea?

Personally, I blame GoogleChrome and the other internet browsers (only partially tongue-in-cheek). If they hadn’t stopped updating all the browsers for my computer’s running system, I probably would’ve waited a lot longer before biting the bullet and taking a leap in the dark, especially since it meant buying the newer version of several programs.

And, while almost everything seems to be working now (cross your fingers), it took far too many hours to get all the programs synched, updated, and optimized. In the end, I lost nearly two days’ worth of working time, which means I also lost a good amount of sleep to make up for it (I’m literally typing with my eyes closed and my head propped to the side [and, no, I don’t mean figuratively]).

So…regularly scheduled Englishy-type posts will resume soon (I hope). Theoretically, I won’t have to lose time for updates again in the near future. Or so I hope.


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