An Artist Who Turns Puns into Paintings – with Sheep!

Conni Togel Sheep Incognito Booth at the Dublin Irish FestivalI’ve heard my share of puns (ok, possibly more than my share), but how often do you get to see puns? Today, I ran across an artist who turns puns into paintings – with sheep, no less. Some examples include Ewetube (a sheep sticking out of either end of a long mailbox), Harry Potter (a sheep working on a pottery wheel), Dream Team (sleeping sheep), and Deep Friar (a sheep friar, deep underwater).

The artist is Conni Togel, and the series is called “Sheep Incognito.” They’re a bit groan-worthy in a light-hearted, fun way (like I said, they’re puns), but the characters created are cutely whimsical and very endearing. And the artist definitely gets points for the idea and the execution.

I mean, who turns puns into paintings? What a fun idea!


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