Checking up on Blog Change

People change over time, and so do blogs (how’s that for a segue?). Since I started twytte and Words & Deeds, they’ve both evolved a great deal. There’s some overlap with the original plan and some parts that weren’t even in the brainstorm. But what do you expect after 10-11 months? Especially when half the time (or more), I’m so focused on getting a blog article written in a tiny window of time that who knows what I’m actually writing? On a busy week at work, blog planning goes out the window.

Yeah, um… Sorry about that.

Still, it’s kind of a fact of life (or my life), and as much as I might try, that may not be completely avoidable. Which means that every so often, I need to take the time to check in and make sure that the blog’s going in the right direction, that it hasn’t strayed too far from the main purpose, and that it isn’t getting messy and disorganized (like my room on busy weeks…). There’s some overlap there, but you get the point.

That’s what I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks – looking over both blogs and deciding how they’re doing and what/how they need to change. Since the original year-long writing experiment of twytte is almost over, I have to decide what’s going to happen next with it (Check out “Happy 11 Month Anniversary! 1 Left… And Then What?” for more on that.).

But even though it doesn’t have an official countdown to change, I feel like Words & Deeds needs some work, too. Maybe clean up the categories, make sure that topics are staying in line with the main idea of the site, consider bringing back more words & phrases – stuff like that. I also need to take a serious look at my schedule and make some decisions (Losing sleep to get stuff done is not a feasible long-term plan. At least, not for me.).

So why am I telling you this?

Well, if you’re interested in having input in any of that. Now’s the time. If you want more of a specific topic like grammar, theatre, using literary devices, etc., tell me in the comments, and I’ll factor that in. I mean, I can look at the stats and guess what people are more interested in, but if you’re a regular reader and want some power over what’s going on, I am open to suggestions (within reason).

Otherwise, I don’t really know why I’m telling you this. Schadenfreude? The misguided hope that my erratic schedule and quarterly blog check-up may be of use to you? (I can’t be the only one who needs to keep an eye on blog change – every business needs occasional audits!) Or maybe, it’s simply the ill-founded conceit that people read this regularly and want to know what’s going on (A girl can hope.).

Whatever the reason, now you know to expect some changes (and at least have some idea of why), and you have the opportunity to influence those changes if you so desire. After all, if change is inevitable, you might as well try to shift it to your advantage, right?


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