The Holidays Are a Great Time For People Watching (And Writing About Them)

Remember the people watching writing prompt? It’s fun under normal conditions (and great for characterization research and inspiration), but it’s even more interesting during the holiday season.

See, on an average day, you get fodder for how people act on average days. For many people, the holidays are not average days. No, during the holiday season, people work unusual hours, spend their off hours decorating or shopping, and in general are much more emotional (whether they’re exceptionally angry, frazzled, happy, generous, etc.).

If you want to see human reactions when their filters are worn low, go to a mall during the holiday rush. Pick a seat with a view at a bar. Better yet if you’re in an area where there are shops or activities people can walk to, find a seat by a window or outside. Order yourself a nice drink, have a pad and pencil ready, and watch the masses of people go by.

During the holiday rush, you never know what you’re going to see.


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