A Great Idea Headed Right down the Drain

I always get good ideas as soon as I’m somewhere where I can’t write anything down – the shower, driving, out shopping, or in the pool. It’s like my brain saves all the best ideas it has and releases one into my consciousness as soon as I get somewhere where I can’t do anything about it. I have to chant the idea to myself over and over again, hoping that’ll help me remember until I get somewhere where I can write it down. And that only works sometimes.

I wonder if whiteboard markers work on shower tiles. Would the water wash the words away? If I only wrote on the ones that didn’t get wet, would that work? Would it come off the tiles completely? Would I end up coloring the grout?

I might be able to dictate a note in the car (you know, if I were to figure out how to do that on my phone), but that isn’t going to work in the shower. If I could come up with a solution and market it, I’m sure it’d be successful. I can’t be the only one this happens to, right?



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