Fun Gifts for English Lovers: Check out my Zazzle Store!

Yes, you read that right – I now have a Zazzle Store, and it is open for business! In fact, I have two. 😉 If you’re looking for fun gifts for English lovers, now’s your chance! Check out Words to Write By for products related to author quotes and writing, and if you like rebus puzzles and fun Christmas cards, look no further than Holiday Cards & More!

Fun Gifts for English Lovers

Words to Write By

You know the author quote images that I post here? Well, now you can buy them on various products. 😀 I’ve posted a mix below to give you an idea of the types of products I’ve made, but be sure to look through the store. Different quotes may appear on multiple products, and mugs, magnets, etc. come in different styles and sizes.

1. Magnets


2. Mugs and Cup Warmers


3. Coasters
4. Keepsake Boxes
5. Notebooks


6. Wall Art & Decor


7. Accessories


Holiday Cards & More!

Did you ever get those puzzles where you were given a drawing or some words together that made a pun or a literal representation of something that you had to guess? Like a knight in armor making the “shhh!” gesture to indicate “Silent Night” or “blind mice” written 3 times to indicate the nursery rhyme “3 Blind Mice”?

Well, those are rebus puzzles. I’ve always loved them, and, recently, I’ve started trying to make my own. Specifically, I started making punny Christmas cards.

Here are a few examples:

8. Rebus Puzzle Holiday Cards


Thanks for looking! If you liked what you saw or wanted to see some other quotes or ideas in products, let me know – maybe, I can do something about that. 😉