Brandon Sanderson Unholy Hours of the Morning Quote

Brandon Sanderson Unholy Hours of the Morning Quote


Honestly, I have paid many authors this compliment. More than I should have, actually. And I have to say that the “unholy hours of the morning” part of this Brandon Sanderson quote is painfully accurate. At a certain time of night, the body begins to punish you for still being awake (But… I must… finish…).

As for the rest of the quote, while it might be interesting to debate whether authors are “terrible people who delight in the suffering of others,” the obvious humor takes the joy out of that conversation. I’d much rather discuss the final idea:

“Plus, we get a kickback from the caffeine industry.”

Now, isn’t that a fun concept to play with?

Granted, I’m a bit tired (see: loopy); however, part of my brain is formulating a sales pitch for the marketing department of a coffee company. I’m sure there’s some grassroots coffee company owner who’d love to partner with an author with a page-turner to sell.

Especially coffee shops in books stores, right?

Would you buy coffee or tea that promoted your favorite author? Or authors? J.K. Rowling recommends this tea for late-night Harry Potter binges. Stephen King dares you to try this coffee when finishing his latest horror novel at 3 am.

This feels like the sort of thing ThinkGeek would promote – the bibliophile’s Christmas coffee  gift box with a flavor matched to each book.

Ok. I was being silly before, but now, I’m starting to seriously think this could happen. Maybe, it already exists! Hold on. Let me Google it.

Phew. I didn’t see it – yet (although the Mr. Coffee blog does have an article about book genres that go better with a cuppa coffee).  But all in all, I guess, the last part of the quote is sadly fiction.

But if you get a coffee-book marketing thing going, don’t forget that you owe me a percentage! (or at least a tip on how to get one, too…)